Royal Canin Vet Care Satiety Weight Management Canine Small Dog Below 10kg Dry Food 3kg

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Satiety Weight Management Dry Dog Food is precisely formulated for safe and effective weight loss and successful long term weight management in dogs. The satietogenic effect of the specific fibre blend reduces the consumption of food and decreases undesirable begging behaviours. This promotes weight loss and long term weight management. This diet is complete and balanced and can be fed long-term.

  • Effective weight management: Provides safe weight loss and helps avoid weight regain. 97% of dogs lost weight in 3 months.
  • Reduces hunger: A special blend of fibres increases the volume of stomach contents and promotes satiety by reducing the spontaneous consumption of food.
  • Begging control: High natural fiber level keeps dogs satisfied between meals. Helps control begging in 83% of dogs during weight loss.
  • High protein: A high protein content (111g/1000kgcalME) helps maintain muscle mass during a weight loss program.
  • Nutritionally balanced: Enriched with nutrients (in particular, protein, minerals and vitamins) to compensate for the effect of energy restriction during a weight loss program.

Recommended for weight loss and maintenance after weight loss in case of: Overweight/Obesity, Hyperlipidemia with overweight/obesity, Stabilsed Diabetes Mellitus with overweight/obesity. Not recommended in case of: Growth, gestation, lactation, dogs with a history of constipation in response to a high fibre diet.

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