PETDiatric® CLUVE®T EMS-CALMING Canine Feline Ear Medicated System 50ml
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PETDiatric® CLUVE®T EMS-CALMING Canine Feline Ear Medicated System 50ml

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*Mites control, cleans & disinfect

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CLUVE®T Ear Medicce System (EMS)-Calming

Active Herbs entity: Aloe Vera, Chamomile & Witch Hazel extracts.

A renew ear system that is tailor made to be more effective in delivering its specific task. CLUVE®T Calming EMS, brings you calming effect after use. It promote a calming and sooth the ear canal, leaving it clean and supple. The active ingredient also assist in stopping itch and anti- bacteria, while conditioning the ear of your pets.

The CLUVE®T EMS is design with AD Nano®, a plant based anti bacteria that penetrate and break-up organic structures of bacteria, fungi and virus. The penetrate and break-up system also works on ticks, fleas and mites, where these action result in suffocating the pest.

AD Nano® is a patented ingredient from USA and is certified as safe for food processing area usage by the USDA. It is widely use in veterinary segment as a natural anti bacterial ingredient and as a food grade pest control in veterinary applications.

Double Action. Kill and prevent. A treatment that works with ear’s inflammation and infection.

Direction of use:

Apply generously to fill up the ear canal, massage gently to allow CLUVE®T EMS to work its way. Clean access fluid from your pet’s ear with CLUVE® Buds. Use each time after bath/swim and to sooth itchiness. CLUVE®T EMS dries in 60 sec inside the ear canals.

Heavy soiled ears………………………………………..Once a day x 7 days
Maintenance ………………………………………..….1 to 2 times a week

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