Good Life DMG Liquid for Cat Feline Kucing & Dog Canine 30ml

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Product Facts:

– Supports performance & immune system function

– For use in cats and dogs only. Recommended to help support proper immune response. Also helps maintain heart, skin, nerve, and brain health.

To be taken twice per day for two weeks, then once per day after two weeks.

  • This Veterinarian Formulated DMG is premium packed in a light-sensitive glass bottle & it has NO ADDED emulsifier/additives to ensure the efficacy of the product. Boost immune system’s defenses against infection (Prevents infections and diseases) – DMG enhances the body’s natural protection against bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases.
  • Improves body’s use of oxygen, and athletic performance (Improves energy level) – DMG supports the body under stressful conditions by improving immune response, enhancing energy, and supporting mental alertness.
  • Functions as anti-oxidant & enhances metabolic function – DMG aids in the production of metabolic intermediates – building blocks used to create hormones, key vitamins, and nucleic acids for DNA and RNA repair.
  • Safe & well tolerated for pets – Taste good and widely used in race horses and race dogs.
  • Protection for light-sensitive products – We use glass bottle to provide excellent UV protection. It does not release harmful chemicals when being exposed to heat like normal plastic bottle do. UV rays can cause photooxidation, which alters the components that make up certain products.
  • Ingredients are solely & naturally derived from plant based sources

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