Bene-Bac Plus 127g 4.5oz for Cat Kucing Dog Rabbit Guinea Pig Small Animal

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– Help for animals under conditions such as antibiotic therapy
– Post surgery
– birth
– weaning
– worming
– traveling

Bene-Bac Plus Pet
In all mammals, food is converted into absorbable nutrients by bacteria in the gut. Healthy animals have both good and bad bacteria in their intestines, but the good bacteria are very sensitive, and can be severely depleted or even destroyed by causes such as antibiotics and stress. Bene-Bac helps to restore good bacteria to optimal levels in a completely safe way. Bene-Bac is also available for any other animal type.

Bene-Bac powder
Bene-Bac powder is a food supplement. A teaspoon is equal to 2.7 grams of Bene-Bac powder. Dosage measuring spoon included with the 450 g powder (contains 1/4 of a teaspoon).The powder is ideal for larger pets and adult pets. Bene-Bac powder should be mixed with wet food or liquid. When you begin using Bene-Bac, either at birth or later, administer on the first, third, fifth and seventh day. After this, once weekly usage is sufficient. The following are guidelines for dosage:

Weight of pet Dosage teaspoon Dosage measuring scoop
Up to 227 grams 1/4 level teaspoon 1 level scoop
Up to 454 grams 1/2 level teaspoon 2 level scoops
Up to 2.250 kg 1 level teaspoon 4 level scoops
Up to 9 kg 2 level teaspoons 8 level scoops
Heavier than 9 kg 3 level teaspoons 12 level scoops

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 11 cm


Pet Type

Small Mammals

Product Type

Gastro / Digestive


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