Aurizon Ear Drop Dog & Cat Itchy Ears 10ml
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Aurizon Ear Drop Dog & Cat Itchy Ears 10ml

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Aurizon Ear Drops 10ml provide effective treatment for bacterial and fungal infections in the ears of dogs. Infection and inflammation of the outer ear canal are common among dogs, especially floppy-eared breeds, and is often referred to as Otitis Externa. Treatment with Aurizon Ear Drops reduces the pain and inflammation associated with the condition by impairing the bacterial DNA.

When applied as directed by your vet, the active ingredient, Marbofloxacin, is a safe and effective treatment of both acute and chronic canine Otitis Externa.

Aurizon Ear Drops are manufactured by Vétoquinol and developed specifically for dogs. As such, it must never be used in other animals.

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