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Does My Dog Need a Winter Bed?

Even though they wear a long coat of fur, your dog also needs a warm bed. Dogs enjoy warm beds in the winter. Even though they can sleep on an iceberg if they want to, your dog also prefers a warm and cozy bed. There are many options for how you can make a cozy bed for your dog. Even though they can’t speak, you, being the owner of your pet, know your pet better than anyone else. Just like humans, dogs also want to stay cozy in the winter. It is better to have a cozy bed for your furry friend so they won’t catch the flu.

 How to Choose Your Dog Bed? 

First of all, your canine needs a safe and cozy place to sleep when it is freezing outside. Most of the time, dog beds are on the ground, and this is where a lot of the cold air circulates during the night. Therefore, you will need to find a dog bed that lets them snuggle in and stay comfortable.

In particular, dog beds with fur and fleece lining are going to be ideal for winter. It is going to retain heat and allow your canine to curl up and stay cozy. Ideally, you will want a dog bed that is easy to wash too. This is going to make sure that it stays clean during the winter months. You can always add blankets that are furry if you already have a dog bed.

 Is The Bed Highly Reliable?

Like other things, durability should be kept in mind while purchasing a bed for your pet. Some beds are made of poor materials and have poor craftsmanship. Also, know what kind of filler is used in the bed. Is it washable or not? If it isn’t washable, you will soon have to deal with the wet-dog scent, especially during rainy seasons. Look for a dog bed that is 100% washer and dryer friendly and made with materials meant to last for a long time.

 Types of Warm Beds for Dog

  1. Traditional Bed 

A traditional bed will help your dog be warm and cozy. The traditional bed includes 4 inches or more of loft. It requires a beautiful, cozy blanket and bolsters that will help insulate your dog, so they are required as well.

  1. Self-Heating Beds 

Self-heating beds have high reactive material that redirects a significant amount of the heat radiated from your pet’s body right back at him. They provide a great deal of warmth and are not that expensive on the market. These types of beds are often preferred by their owners more frequently.

  1. Electric Beds 

Electric beds act as heating pads. They have a blanket that will help your pet stay warm. These types of beds have a thermostat that is set to a certain level to keep your pet warm. The blanket starts heating your dog when it is plugged into the switch.

  1. Suitable Loft

Cheap dog beds often flatten with use, which not only makes them less comfortable, it means they won’t keep your dog as warm as a loftier bed will. You’ll usually want to get a bed that is at least 4 inches thick unless you have a big dog. In this case, you’ll want to look for a mattress that is 6 inches thick or more.

  1. Appropriate Size

You don’t want your pet’s leg hanging on the floor or his head on the floor. One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is to keep track of the size of your pet. If you are buying an extremely comfortable bed for him and you don’t know the size of your pet, all of the work will be done once you reach home.


Winter can be a tough time for dogs as well as humans. Your dog wants to be warm at this time of the year. Of all the people, you can do this by giving them a cozy and nice bed. If you keep the above factors in mind, you will provide a nice and cozy bed for your furry friend. You, being the owner, have many responsibilities. One of them is to provide the best for your dog under every circumstance.


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