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About Us

Bringing you your pet's delight from the comforts of your home.

After tragedy struck

Our journey began in 2020

As COVID-19 struck the world we knew that people would have limited options and a hard time when it came to buying pet products due to restrictions and less movement. We want to give people the option of buying products from the comfort of their homes with no contact to ensure that everyone is protected and also to reduce the spread in this pandemic.


No-contact delivery

By using no contact delivery, both the courier and receipient reduce the risk of contracting the virus and also lets people get used to the new norm that we must conform to. We take this pandemic very seriously and opt to ensure that this method is definately one of the most effective ways to do it. We also ensure that the contents and the packaging is throughly sanitized before handing it off so that it can be opened immediately after receiving.

The new norm

We’re just getting started

Even though its been almost a year into this pandemic we are ready to face more challenges headed our way and we are pleased to serve you 


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